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Home School Program

The DIPL Home School Levels, from Lime to Red, have been provided for students to be supported to learn reading strategy and writing strategy, through spelling, punctuation and grammar teaching, as well as develop their auditory skills. The Free Online Program subscription allows students to work independently whilst being supported with narrated teaching, practice examples and online games to improve learning. The Home School Programs differ from the school based DIPL Program and are designed for small group instruction. It comes with a supporting Teacher Manual to ensure the program is delivered by the provider in an effective manner.

Lime Home School Program

Lime Home School Program $319.00

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Lime Workbook

Lime Workbook $22.00

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Green Home School Program

Green Home School Program $319.00

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Green Workbook

Green Workbook $22.00

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Blue Home School Program

Blue Home School Program $319.00

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Blue Workbook

Blue Workbook $22.00

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Yellow Home School Program

Yellow Home School Program $429.00

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Yellow Workbook

Yellow Workbook $22.00

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Red Home School Program

Red Home School Program $429.00

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Red Workbook

Red Workbook $22.00

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