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Green Home School Program

Green Home School Program $319.00

You must also order accompanying Green DIPL Workbooks, for each student, to support effective implementation.

The Green Home School DIPL Program includes the Teacher Manual with weekly notes.  It has a modified Resources CD for Home School use.

The free subscription to the Green Online Program gives the student narrated examples, interactive games and activities to complete to support their learning.
The DIPL Workbook provides opportunities for the student to practice their leanings in written form, through meaningful activities.

You must purchase at least 1 workbook depending on the number of children, a workbook for each child (photocopying workbooks is illegal).

The Home School Program differs from the school based program as it does not provide Homework Sheets, the full Resources CD or Display Cards which are mostly relevant to classroom teaching.

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Green Home School Program

Green Home School Program $319.00

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