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Green Range

The Green Program is a one year program that has been developed for the second year of school (Grade 1).
When you purchase the Green program you will receive 35 weeks of work. Each unit of work has a spelling focus (including spelling rules), a sound focus and a punctuation and grammar focus.
Each week of work has planned activities and an Online Learning component. These activities include spelling revision, sound manipulation, auditory processing, listening skills, punctuation and grammar activities.
The Green program has an accompanying workbook that is compulsory for every student for effective implementation of the DIPL program.

Green Program + Online Program

Green Program + Online Program $545.00

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Green Workbook

Green Workbook $22.00

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Green Additional Teacher’s Manual Set

Green Additional Teacher’s Manual Set $165.00

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Green Additional Display Cards

Green Additional Display Cards $77.00

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Green Resources CD

Green Resources CD $214.50

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Green Homework Sheets CD

Green Homework Sheets CD $104.50

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Green Auditory CDs

Green Auditory CDs $104.50

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