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DIPL Extras & Lizzy Online

DIPL also has a range of materials to support classroom instruction and student learning. There is a range of DIPL products including the DIPL Assessment Book, Extra Words and Sentences, Extra Word Lists and Composite Classroom Timetables on CD, which can be used in conjunction with the DIPL Program.

DIPL also integrates with Lizzy Online which been designed for use by schools, teachers, teacher’s aides, speech pathologists, parents or any individual who is keen in helping a student to develop and effectively use phonological skills when reading and spelling.
Lizzy is a program that can be used alongside the classroom based DIPL program, or as an independent resource. The Lizzy Online program can be used for remedial or extension work.
Lizzy comes in Levels:-
Pre-reading Level … focus is on phonic knowledge and phonological awareness (especially sound manipulation, rhyme and syllable recognition); many games and activities to support each concept development.
Levels 1-8 … focus is on further skill development in the areas of phonic knowledge and phonological awareness. Concurrently, use of these skills when reading and spelling is developed in a very explicit and systematic fashion.
Lizzy has an accompanying Assessment Book which helps to assess an individual learner's difficulties in relation to sound knowledge, sound processing, spelling and reading.

To find our more about Lizzy Online, or to purchase it please visit Lizzy Online

Extra Words and Sentences

Extra Words and Sentences $71.50

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Extra Word Lists (for sound processing)

Extra Word Lists (for sound processing) $71.50

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Composite Classroom Timetables on CD

Composite Classroom Timetables on CD $71.50

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Assessment Book

Assessment Book $104.50

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