Lime Stage

The Program

The Lime program has 30 weeks of work.  Each unit of work has a sound/letter and a sound awareness focus.

Each week of work has planned activities.  These activities include sound awareness, talking, writing, visual arts, listening, spelling, reading and language.

The Lime program has an accompanying workbook that is compulsory for every student for effective implementation of the DIPL program.

The full program Includes

  • The Instruction and Resource Kit
  • A Resource CD, with all reproducible games and activities that form part of the program
  • One Teacher's Reference Book Set
  • One DIPL Kit (wooden blocks, bean bag, feely bag and puppet)
  • One set of Homework Sheets, that include handwriting practice
  • Access to the Lime DIPL Online Program

The full program needs to be purchased only once and contains one set of Teacher’s Reference Books and one DIPL Kit (for one class).

Additional classes will need to order:-

  • Additional Teacher Reference Book Sets (one per class)
  • Additional DIPL Kits (wooden blocks, bean bag, feely bag and puppet)

All classes need to order:-

  • One workbook per student
Stage Downloads
  • Weekly Lesson Samples
  • Scope and Sequence
  • Homework Sheets
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More Information

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Lime Online

The Lime Online DIPL is a teaching and learning tool that aligns with the Lime DIPL Program.
This program is web based and can be utilised on an Interactive Whiteboard, individual computers or iPads.
It contains the weekly teaching content, as well as interactive videos and activites that help to consolidate children’s learning and enhance their engagement levels.
This program has been in use by current DIPL schools for the past two years, and teachers and students are loving the Online component!