Home School

Home schooling is a viable, educational alternative which appears popular in other countries, especially the United States, and which is gaining increasing popularity in Australia.

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DIPL offers a viable alternative for many home school families in relation to delivery of an effective literacy program with improved literacy standards.

The DIPL Program teaches spelling strategy and how this transfers to student’s writing, in relation to spelling, punctuation and grammar.  It also teaches reading strategy and auditory skills. 

The program has a Manual, an Online component to support teaching and learning and a workbook for each student to practice their skills.  The program includes essential activities for 5 sessions per week.

There are 5 DIPL Levels available for students depending on their skill level, starting at first year of school and scaffolding through the Primary School curriculum. 

You are able to purchase any level of the DIPL program for Home School use.

The price includes the Teacher Manual with weekly notes, a modified Resources CD and access to the Online Program.

You must purchase a least 1 workbook ($18 each +GST) and depending on the number of children, a workbook for each child (photocopying workbooks is illegal).

The Home School Program differs from the school based program as it does not provide Homework Sheets, the full Resource CD or Display Cards which are mostly relevant to classroom teaching.

Alongside this DIPL offers free over the phone support, free Home School Webinars and paid Professional Development Sessions for families.  DIPL are also looking to start their own DIPL home school network.

We are more than happy to get any new home school family started on the DIPL Program, and offer our services to help place students at the correct DIPL Level.